Winter Storm Cavatelli

This storm is expected to start in the early morning hours of February 2, 2015 and should last most of the day. Schools in the area have already been cancelled due to Cavatelli.

Overnight, snow accumulations are expected to be 4-7 inches for the New Milford area. As the day progresses there will be some warming and the snow will change to a snow/sleet mix changing to all snow during the mid-afternoon. Another 4-8 inches of snow is possible during this time.

As of this report Cavatelli's snow total is lookling to be between 8 and 15 inches. This storm is looking like minimal ice for the New Milford area, but other areas of Connecticut could be affected by a more icey version of this storm especially for areas along Long Island Sound.

It is recommended that you stay home and be safe. Maybe shop for some Cavatelli.

More information about Cavatelli (the pasta) can be found on this Wikipedia page. My motivation behind Pasta Shape Storm Names is available as well.