Winter Storm Farfalle

As mentioned in a previous article I'll be naming Winter storms after pasta shapes. Farfalle will be starting on Sunday February 8, 2015 and expected to linger around until Tuesday morning. The latest weather forcast for the area can be found here

The storm is expected to start Sunday afternoon with some light accumulations into the evening. Overnight Farfalle is expected to add another 2-4 inches of snow. 

Early Monday, the storm will intesify and add another 3-6 inches by noon. By the evening Farfalle will be moving onward but not before leaving behind an estimated 8-14 inches in the forecast area of the New Milford Weather Center. Since the duration of Farfalle is so long, there are sure to be transportatio problems. It is recommended to be prepared for this storm.

There will be some additional snow activity into Tuesday with up to an additional inch of snow, but there wil be some cold weather included in the mix.

Although Farfalle isn't looking to be much fun, farfalle (the pasta shape) is one of the more fun pasta shapes. You can learn more about farfalle in this wikipedia entry. While you're stuck inside you can catch up on some of these Pasta Books.